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Baby Momma sets up dead beat dad who owes $20,000 in Child Support because of Pokemon.

A man in Colorado, Taylor, was served with child support papers and taken to jail for owing over 20,000$ in Child support for his 5 kids. His ex wife , Mary, says he started playing the new #PokemonGo game and started to come home less and it go so bad that he started to not come home at all. Eventually the couple split up because of the game but because of how dedicated he was to it he forgot to tend to his kids’s needs. Mary was forced to pay rent on her own, buy food for her kids, Doctor Visits, and more.

Nobody could find Taylor and Mary couldn’t get justice for her abandonment. She was smart though and figured out a way to find her kids’s father. Due him playing the game so much it wasn’t that hard for sheriff’s and detectives to find him. When arrested Taylor had nothing to say but, “Got to catch them all Officer.



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