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Colorado dispensary owners are being compared to the Cartel

A few years ago many believed legal weed in Colorado would be the way to go. Yes the economy would boost and it would be a good way to help the Colorado community grow, but it’s not what it all turned out to be for locals.Due to the increase of many new people moving to Colorado because of the legalization the price of living has now been raised higher than ever before and landlords are now raising rent because they know people have no choice but to pay,especially since a lot of people paying higher rents in other states have moved to Colorado by the thousands. The price of a 2 bedroom house to rent close to downtown Denver is going for $1800 to $2000 when before you could find one for 800$ before the legalization of marijuana.

Due to skyrocketing prices many natives are forced to move into cheaper neighborhoods and since everyone is cluttered into one community the crime rate has went up, not to mention the homeless communities that have moved here from out of state by the hundreds that now roam the streets and cause violence. People can’t even afford to live with the higher rate of living and some are being forced into stealing and robbing. Minimum wage continues to stay the same at $8.31 which is hardly any money for people to survive on so many are forced to move in together. People are saying this is no better than what the cartels are doing to their community in Mexico, robbing them of their neighborhoods, forcing people to move,creating more violence all while Colorado dispensary owners and the Politics behind them reap the benefits.

Colorado native Teresa Sandoval said this, “ I was shocked to have to leave my home I have been in for twenty years because I couldn’t afford an extra 1000$ on top of my already 1000$ I pay. I felt betrayed by the owner of the house and as a Colorado native and now feel insecure when renting from another person.I feel like Legalization of Marijuana was a bad move for many Colorado natives because we are now stuck with this type of problem daily. Greed now runs the state and I may now be forced to move to another state, maybe become one of the homeless.”



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