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People in Colorado that voted for Legal Marijuana, to help education, are being robbed.

in 2012 when people in Colorado voted for Marijuana to be legalized the main pitch for legalization was that most the tax money would go towards Education in Colorado, but that is not what’s happening. The Funding for education is behind 15 to 20 Million Dollars a year compared to other states that are further ahead in Education, even though Colorado’s gross income from Legal Marijuana is the highest in the nation.

The superintendent of Cherry Creek School District says marijuana is not the answer to the school funding problem. In fact, he says the district has yet to receive a penny of the taxes collected on marijuana sales.

The Cherry Creek Superintendent, Bull, blamed the state Legislature for cutting funding each year, claiming lawmakers have "relied on circuitous reasoning and intricate formulas to withhold crucial money from school districts across the state.

Bull Say’s "We’re facing a shortfall of more than $20 million for the 2017-2018 school year. These cuts have the potential to impact every facet of district operations, from recruiting new teachers to maintaining a reasonable class size," .Bull said taxes from the marijuana industry have not provided the funding voters were promised."People keep asking me, ‘Where’s the pot money?’ The short answer is that the Cherry Creek School District hasn’t received any," Bull stated.

"So far, the only thing that the legalization of marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana," Bull stated.



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