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Pokemon fan finds a dirty needle, infected with HIV, inside of a Poke Ball.

Yes the hype is real, Pokemon is everywhere, and everyone is looking. A fan, Hector Muniz, was more than anxious to start playing the game. A group of friends and himself took flight to the local parks in a rush to start playing the new Pokemon Go game that everyone is playing.

Everything was fine for a half hour while him and his friends were doing some searching but that all changed when they came upon their next find. Hector opened up the Poke ball and found the famous Pikachu he was looking for but noticed something sticking out of it’s head. Upon closer examination by him and his friends it appeared to be a sharp object sticking out with blood at the end of it.

They reported it to the local police which is was sent to a lab and examined.They determined that the object inside was in fact a needle and it was infected with HIV. Hector and his friends were in shock he said, “I was so happy to be playing the game I like but not at the cost of my life. I am glad that I didn’t rush into putting the object into my pocket then what!”

Local police are looking into who placed the Poke Ball there and warn everyone to take caution while playing a game that should be so innocent. They are calling the Criminal the Poke Man! #Pokeman



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