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The Top 10 Colorado Hip Hop artists who have changed the game,here is our list!

Here is a list of Colorado's most influential Hip Hop artists to watch out for and why

1. Trev Rich: Currently signed to Cash Money Records, Trev is a big influence to the hip hop scene. Performing in front of 1000's of people a year he continues to pave the way for the community and has shown many that it is possible to achieve success and follow your dreams.

2. Flobots: The Flobots are a hip hop and rock band from Denver, Colorado, who found mainstream success with their major label debut Fight with Tools (2007), featuring the single "Handlebars", which became a popular hit on Modern Rock radio in April 2008. They have also helped build the first school in the nation for kids that focus's on Music and Art,costing over 2 million dollars to fund the project through their sponsorship's

3.Top Flite Empire: Touring all across Colorado, Hypnautic and King Tef have influenced many locals and people nationwide. Achieveing success by consistency and hard work, they have attracted the attention of major labels like Sony and Universal Records. The hip hop duo lives off the revenues from their music and by performing off events.

4. Stryker & MFT: Co Signed by Roc Nation A&R Lenny Santiago & Def Jam, Stryker & MFT continue to stay relevant by building one of Colorado's largest Hip Hop networks. They are the founders of one of Colorado's largest Record label's , 50/50innertainment, and gain revenues from their promotions monthly. Their music has received over 20,000,000 Million plays and they have over 3,000,000 Fans on all their social networking pages.

5. Koo Qua: Holding down the hip hop scene for the women, Koo Qua has built a movement for Colorado female rappers. Her videos receive thousands of views every release and she remains relevant by performing at many local events. It's easy to see when she's in the building as the crowd get's excited for her every performance.

6. Don P: Also known as Fatal,has built a large fanbase and has over 1,400,000 Fans on his social networking pages. His first performance was at "Oj Da Juiceman" presented by 50/50innertainment in 2010. Soon after the event he was signed to 1017 Bricksquad Mafia and has continued to grow tremendously. Receiving recognition by many famous celebrities he receives thousands of new fans a month and millions of views to his videos.

7. Black Pegasus: Robert Houston II, also known as Black Pegasus or simply Black-P, is an American rapper/South Western hip hop artist from Colorado Springs. He is the current president and CEO of Brass Knuckle Entertainment. Black-P has taken part in several battle-rapping contests,winning the Rock the Mic Battle in 2003 and taking second place in Scribble Jam in Cincinnati. He has featured on the MTV shows Road Rules and The Real World and in the NBA Jam 2 video game.

8. Arapahoe Trues: ARAPAHOE TRUES started in the early 90's and has worked with many famous hip hop celebrities. Performing at over a 1000 events within their career they have expanded their music presence by managing a popular radio station in Colorado Springs and continue to help promote many major events and local artists within the city.

9. Pries: Rapper and occasional singer, Pries has received millions of views on his Youtube channel and has features with Kid ink and other famous Hip Hop artists. His style of rapping is much different from others in the state and has got national buzz because of his vocals. Many speculate because of his versatility this will keep him relevant for years to come.

10. So Real: Rusty Martinez aka So Real has features with Kevin Gates, Baby Bash, Baeza and has built a strong network on the streets. Working with modeling companies and promoters in Colorado, he has established a strong following that supports his every move. His latest music videos have received over a 100,000 views and continue to grow monthly.



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