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10 Weird Facts about babies you probably didn't know about.

Here are some interesting facts you probably didn't know about.

Some are crazy, some are funny, please enjoy.

1. Babies are born with over 60 more bones than a human adult.

2. The average baby is born with about 1 cup of blood in their body.

3. The average baby will have about 8000 diapers changed in their lifetime.

4. Babies are born bacteria free.

5.For a few months babies can only see in black and white.

6. Over 100,000 Babies a year are born with cocaine in their system due to the mother's drug abuse.

7.Babies have three times the amount of taste buds than an adult.

8. Study finds that premature babies are most likely to be left handed.

9. 1 in every 5000 babies is born without an anus hole.

10. Only 4% of the time is a baby born on their due date.



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