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Interview with Colorado Hip Hop Group Reckless & how they struggle to become the best.

Today we Interview Upcoming Colorado Hip Hop Group "Reckless" and how they have struggled with coming up in the Colorado music scene.

1. how did you start your music career?

My fiance introduced me to FLAWLESS and a kid named joe that we had to kick out then we had Rage but he wanted time with his son so he dropped out then FLAWLESS brought along XXL who was at first a DJ but also raps. Weve been madly just pushing as much music as we can because youre really just as good as your last project. In 6 months Reckless as individual artists has released 4 mixtapes: The Struggle- FLAWLESS Infected- FLAWLESS Mind State- Rage Remain True- Endless Destruction

2.Can you speak on remembering music from back in the day that formed your love of music and inspired you to pursue it?

Defintely some of the GOATS like tupac and eminem inspired all of us but as individuals for FLAWLESS Hopsin for Endless Destruction defintely MGK and for XXL suicide boys.

3.Let’s get to know a little more about you and how you grew up in the music business??

Pretty much Endless Destruction has been releasin mixtapes since 10th grade so roughly since 2012 all due to his uncle who introduced him to rap and actually taught him how to make music. For FLAWLESS and XXL music has always been a way to escape from the ghetto and being broke and helped to express themselves. Growin up making music was at first a hobby for all of us but when we made the pact that it's now or never weve made something that was so small into almost a business. Cassie Eds fiance does graphic design does our music videos, FLAWLESS runs the instagram page while Ed runs the Youtube Channel and facebook page.

4.Tell us more about what you have done to change the industry in your state?

Weve tried to make it accessible to always be able to create music with us out of love for denver. If youre a local artist in colorado we always collab for free. Weve tried to almost start like a street team of people dedicated to sharing our music and have successfully brought more eyes to denver artists such as Restless.

5.What major artist's have you performed along side? Where have you toured?

We opened up for Madchild back on June 16th of this year and weve done spit factory. Were planning on setting up a tour next year.

6.What are your booking requirments for events?

To book us for anything you can go to our facebook page or you can email us at

7.Where have you recorded at?

Weve recorded almost all our mixtapes and singles from our home studio but we recently went to KMG out in boulder and recorded two songs "You Just Fucked Up" by Reckless and "Who I am" by Endless Destruction.

8.What is your next music project?

Our next big project is our groups first mixtape entitled "Down To Nothing" set to release by christmas of this year.

9.Where they can we find your music distributed to online major retailers like I-tunes, Amazon & more?

We have our music on our youtube channel as well as our individual soundclouds. Between mine and FLAWLESS's soundclouds we have about 15k in plays collectively. FLAWLESS: Endless Destruction: Group for singles only:

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