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Rapper Makes First Song Only Laughing & goes viral.

Rapper FinnesserThePink has ranked up over a 100,000+ views on Facebook & Instagram and has made the first rap song of it's kind made up entirely of "Laughing". Could this be the new wave?? Since Mumble rapping has taken over many new styles of rapping have been introduced to the game, with thousands of views maybe this style is up next.

Mumble rap is a pejorative for a vague subgenre of hip hop music, originating in the mid-2010s in the United States.The term was coined by Wiz Khalifa in a June 2016 interview with WQHT, stating, "We call it mumble rap. It ain't no disrespect to the lil homies, they don't want to rap. It's cool for now; it's going to evolve."Artists commonly referred to as "mumble rappers" include Desiigner, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and Young Thug



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