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Lady warns everybody about getting Eye tattoos after hers goes wrong and may go blind.

Catt Gallinger from Canada posted photos of her recent Tattoo surgery where she had the White of her eye changed to a different color. The procedure which is called a "Scleral tattoo",is the practice of tattooing the sclera, or white part of the human eye. This process is relatively new and is viewed as an extreme practice.

In her recent video she says she shouldn't have trusted someone with minimum experience with her eyesight and that she took it for granted. She posted photos of her injury which left her eye leaking purple ooze and made her whole face swell up.

In late 2007, Body Modification Ezine wrote an article describing the first three scleral tattoo procedures performed on sighted eyes. The artist known as Luna Cobra (Howard "Howie" Rollins) experimented on three volunteers; Shannon Larratt, Joshua Matthew Rahn and "Pauly Unstoppable" (aka "Farrah Flawless").Larratt got the idea after Dutch eye surgeon Gerrit R. J. Melles gave Shannon's then-wife Rachel Larratt an eye implant.



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