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Donald Trump throws Paper towels at a crowd of Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico.

While coming to aid to Victims of Hurricane Maria , Donald Trump started throwing paper towels into a crowd. Many were shocked by the President as he made this look like it was some sort of game.

Hurricane Maria was the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, the worst natural disaster in Dominica in its recorded history, and the strongest to make landfall in Puerto Rico since 1928. The thirteenth named storm, seventh hurricane, fourth major hurricane, and the second Category 5 hurricane of the unusually active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Maria caused catastrophic damage during its journey across the Northeastern Caribbean as the second most intense landfall and the costliest hurricane ever to hit the region. It was the third major hurricane in a row to threaten the Leeward Islands with a direct strike or major impacts within two weeks, after Hurricane Irmacaused catastrophic damage there and Jose, then a Category 4 hurricane, passed dangerously close just days after.

As of October 1, the hurricane has caused at least 78 deaths: 30 in Dominica, 5 in the Dominican Republic, 2 in Guadeloupe, 3 in Haiti, 34 in Puerto Rico, 1 in the United States Virgin Islands, and 3 in the contiguous United States. Initial assessments indicate catastrophic damage to Dominica, which suffered an island-wide communication blackout. The islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique also endured widespread flooding, damaged roofs and uprooted trees. Puerto Rico has suffered catastrophic damage, including destruction of its previously damaged electrical grid. Insured losses from the hurricane are estimated at $40–85 billion (2017 USD), mostly in Puerto Rico, making Maria's cost comparable to that of previous Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.



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