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Donald Trump once sued the NFL & won three dollars.

Way before his time as president and his feud with NFL Players, Donald Trump once sued the NFL.

in 1984 Donald Trump Purchased the New Jersey Generals, which was part of the (USFL) United States Football League, which was a Rival the NFL , but shortly lived. This investment did not go well for Donald Trump as ratings were low. He then sued the NFL claiming that it had Unfairly Impacted the USFL. As part of his battle against the NFL he tried to have USFL rise up with him in the lawsuit.

After a long feud and Costly Lawsuit,Donald Trump won his case and was awarded three dollars as his settlement. Even though the USFL won the Lawsuit it was later ended in 1986. After all was said and done Donald said, "he had left it in a better position than when he found it. If it wasn't for him it wouldn't have gotten that far.



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