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Man serves 23 years in prison, state says they will give him no money for wrong conviction.

Lamonte McIntyre , from Kansas, was released after serving 23 years in Prison for a crime he did not commit but because of the states no compensation law he will receive no money for time served. McIntyre says, "He is just trying to adjust with his new lifestyle and get back to his life." Lamonte has never had to work a full time job so this is a big adjustment for him .

Michigan gives $50,000 a year, while Colorado offers $70,000 and Texas $80,000 a year for wrong convictions. "We are stealing a part of their lives and they are not guilty of what they've done. And they should have more than an apology from the state," said Kansas State Sen. David Haley, a Democrat from Kansas City, Kansas. Haley has tried to push for a bill to compensate individuals who have been wrongfully convicted For the last two years, but has been turned down. What you think is this wrong or right??



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