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Rapper wears a dress in his new music video, Critics claim Hip Hop is officially dead, what you thin

Rapper NewAge Jerkboy has released his new music video called "Married to the game" which he wears a wedding dress and gives a BJ to an AR15. Many Hip hop critics are mad and have taken to social media to express how this is ruining Hip Hop. They feel as this is disrespecting the Hip Hop culture and giving a bad reputation to the kids of today.

With over a million views on multiple media sites in 3 days, it's easy to see why this could influence the culture. One critic says, "Kids look up to these people and imitate what they do, it's sad that they show them such disrespect as this" , another Critic says, "This is officially the death of hip hop!" , what you think is it wrong or right?? TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE-->>>



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