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Beware of Flood damaged cars being sold from Hurricane Harvey & Irma.

Since the destruction of the recent Hurricane's, many cars were left behind to take the damage from the floods. This totaled out millions of dollars of vehicles such as tractors, motorcycles, cars, trucks, lawnmowers and more. "It could actually end up being traded in in Kentucky, it could be traded in in Wisconsin. You have no clue,” said Imperial Auto Dealership in CO. Replacing a whole electrical system can cost in the upwards of $5,000, an engine $3000 and transmission $2500.

With plenty of restoration and clean up many parts can be replaced but it would be cheaper to buy a car with newer parts and expect less hassle of replacing stuff in the future. Flood damaged can lead to rust which can break down your frame for your car, the interior of your vehicle and leave a bad odor that might never go away. Along with rust you can get mold which can lead to sickness if ingested when dry. Please spread this message as many people are trying to sell their used cars to others who don't know.



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