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62 Year old grandma is serving life in prison for a non violent offense, should she be released?

62 Year old Grandmother & prison Inmate, Alice Marie Johnson, is serving life in prison for a non-violent drug offense. In 1996 she was charged with drug conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison by a jury trial. Oct. 31 will mark 21 years in prison for Johnson and For life without parole sentences like Johnson’s, clemency is almost the only hope.

According to the ACLU, Johnson is one of 3,278 people serving life without parole for a nonviolent offense, meaning she will die in prison. Like Johnson, 79% of these people are drug offenders and 65% are black. The majority of these sentences were mandatory, meaning judges had no discretion over the length or severity of the sentence and were held to laws defining a minimum number of years for drug offenses.

On Dec. 20, 2016, President Barack Obama granted clemency to 231 individuals. Johnson was not one of them. Johnson’s case meets the criteria for clemency, yet has been passed by three separate times. Should she be released, what you think??



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