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Chicago Rapper Lud Foe cancels concert in Denver, demands more money for a makeup show after breachi

Chicago Rapper Lud Foe was to appear in Denver, October 28th 2017, for a Make up show after he cancelled his first event date which was scheduled for March 29th 2017. The reasoning for Lud Foe cancelling, in March, was due to a near death accident which he had to get his jaw wired shut. This left many fans in Colorado sympathetic for his injury and anxious for his return.

After 6 months of recovery and touring to other states Lud Foe was set to return to Colorado October 28th but him and the promoter started to have issues. Lud Foe demanded more money for his return and claimed the promoter did not pay him the right amount. The promoter claimed he paid Lud Foe and that he was owed because Foe breached his contract. This would cost the promoter extra money for booking flights, to repay for promotion, and would cost him double the amount than what him & Lud Foe had previously agreed on.

Many local people bought tickets to this event and are also owed a refund from the Promoter due to the show being cancelled for the second time. The promoters for this event now claim Lud Foe owes them their deposit money back as well as other money's invested and can not pay back the people until they get their refund. One local hip hop group sold a $1000 worth of tickets as well as other groups. We will keep you updated on this story to see if the people get their money back or if they get ripped off.



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