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Boxing Expert says Mayweather & Mcgregor Fight was a fake, claims it was a setup so a second fig

Boxing Expert Jim Lampley was recently interviewed by TMZ in which he says the fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor was a fake fight and it was setup so a rematch would happen. The first fight generated $150,000,000 Dollars and Lampley says Mayweather is stupid to not want to fight again. He ranted on to say that Mayweather threw the first three rounds and it was stupid to even go to the tenth round.

New photos of Mayweather have emerged of him training in the Gym. Many speculate that he is getting ready for a fight. Lampley said, "That's why you see him training and showing photos, now lets see if more people are stupid enough to buy into another $150,000,000 payout for Mayweather by paying to see this fight. What you think?



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