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New Amazon device will allow people you don't know to enter your house.

Are you tired of people stealing packages off your front porch, do you need a cleaning service to enter your house while you're not home, well Amazon has the solution. The new Amazon Key Is A Service For Prime Members Allowing Others Access To Your Home. You can install the kit yourself or have a representative install it for you. This comes with a lock for your door and a tracking device within the home that lets you know when your package or service has arrived.

You can order food and have it ready for you when you get home, maybe open a door for family members who are going to stay, but can you really trust the device? Without knowing who is entering your home or their background it would be safe to also install some sort of camera tracking device to help if you buy this. With it's new computer installment to your door, can hackers access this?? Only time will tell, what do you think, do you trust this??



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