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Strippers in New York go on strike and respond why.

The Game has changed, Strippers have now gone on strike in New York. They are fighting for equal treatment as bartenders and claim they are getting paid less than they are. Strippers claim that they work hard for their money and it takes a lot to shake your booty and keep the customers happy. The bartenders claim that they are bringing in customers, a lot of them their clients and friends, and that they should keep all the money.

Instagram user @GizelleMarie, a stripper in New York, claims that many bartenders don't even have a license or even know how to make drinks. On top of the bartenders not only making money, the waitress's as well are taking from their pockets. She claims they are to busy shaking their butts instead of worrying about their customers and finding out what they like. What you think, who should be making the most money??



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