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10 Year old boy takes Ohio Police on a High speed chase, parents claim it was video games that encou

A 10 year old boy led Ohio State Highway Patrol on a 45-mile chase, on Thursday. During the chase, speeds exceeded 100 mph. Parents say the young boy was waiting on his sister to take him to school but grew impatient, Outraged he then stole his mothers boyfriend's car while his sister was showering. That’s when his mom jumped in her car and chased him. They ended up on I-90. While in the chase, she called 911 According to New York Post.

Police were stunned that it was a 10 year old boy and had to confirm it multiple times to assess the situation. One of the highway patrolmen pulled beside the 10-year-old and signaled for him to stop, but instead of complying the little boy shook his head “no” and stepped on the gas even more. He maneuvered his way around Spike strips and even was brave enough to drive into on coming traffic. It was as if he was in a video game one Police officer said. The chase lasted about an hour until the cops decided to clip the car and spin it out of control to apprehend the 10 year old suspect.

The source mentions that prosecutors in Cuyahoga and Erie counties will decide where to file charges. After spitting at Police while being arrested the boy was taken to the hospital to be looked at and had no minor injuries. Police claim it was video games that encouraged the boy to take the vehicle, what do you think?



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