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Colorado keeps a list of sex offenders houses so Trick or Treater's know for Halloween. (Info He

Be careful this Halloween!! Colorado Bureau of Investigation has released a tool that let's people know where sex offenders live. This will help many parents decide where to take their kids to trick or treat. No more sending your kids to strangers houses that might be potentially dangerous. To access the site here is the URL.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), a division of Colorado Department of Public Safety,is a law enforcement agency of the state of Colorado that performs forensic and laboratory services and criminal investigations at the request of local and state law enforcement, agencies, and district attorneys. They investigate arson, homicides, sexual assaults, fraud, cyber, identity theft, and other crimes. Their forensic services include DNA, biology, firearm, latent print, toxicology and drug chemistry analysis. Other units in the CBI include Crime Scene Services, Crime Information Management Unit, Criminal Justice Information Systems, and Colorado’s InstaCheck Unit. The CBI is designated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, as the CJIS Systems Agency for Colorado. It is headquartered in the Denver suburb of Lakewood at 690 Kipling Street.



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