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Conjoined Twins receive the first successful head separation surgery in India.

Two-year-old Jaga and Kalia Kanhar were born with shared blood vessels and brain tissues - a condition known as craniopagus. A team of 30 doctors took 16 hours of surgery to separate them. It was India’s first separation surgery of craniopagus twins and doctors say the twins are now stable reports World News.

According to Dr Mahapatra, Jaga has recognised his mother and if he remains stable, he will be shifted out of the ICU in the next 48 hours. "Kalia is on multiple drugs and under observation. He will remain in the ICU for eight to 10 days more," he said

AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria had said that though the twins have been separated, the next 18 days would be extremely critical to ascertain the success of the surgery. The team of doctors involved in the procedure also had expressed concern about the survival of one of the twins.



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