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6 Year old kid in the Bronx was interrogated by his teachers twice for drugs twice,family responds.

6 Year old Ethan Gomez is now scared to school because he was interrogated twice by staff in his school.His mother and aunt say his principal and an after school teacher at Public School 209 in the Bronx grilled the first-grader about whether people in his home used drugs in front of him. His mother responded, "There is absolutely not any drug use in our house!"

Ethan has been transferred out of the school and his family is now consulting with attorneys.The teacher even allegedly smelled Ethan's clothing and backpack for drugs which made kids in his class laugh at him. Next week Ethan stayed home because of asthma attack. A few days later he again went to school, but came home scared. He told his mother, Ariel Gomez, now Director approached him with the same questions.Sara Gomez. Ethans Aunt said, "Instead to fix the situation, they bring chaos into our family."

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