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Houston Texas robbers share treats with customers while taking their orders.

Houston police released surveillance video of a robbery at a doughnut shop in the city as they hunt for a trio who, in addition to stealing money, handed out sweets to some of the victims in the process.

The video shows three masked individuals entering the shop on Oct. 16 in the afternoon. One, brandishing a handgun, steals money from the cash register while another takes two customers’ cell phones. The phone bandit gesticulates toward the customers and seems to be talking to them — possibly even taking an order.

The person then peruses the sweets behind the counter, chooses two treats, and offers them to the customers sitting by the window. The other two robbers, meanwhile, rob the employees.All three fled by foot and remain at large, according to a statement by the Houston police. The individuals are wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Be on the lookout for what we are calling the Cupcake Bandits.



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