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You can get paid $10,000 a month to live on a resort in Cancun, here's how to apply.

Have you ever thought of just getting away and enjoying life and explore while not worrying about money. Well here's your chance. The city of Cancun, in Mexico, is looking for someone to live there between March and August next year to become a Cancun Experience Officer.The brand ambassador hired will showcase the warmth, wonder, and essence of Cancun as one of the world's premier vacation destinations. As CEO, you will get the chance to swim with whale sharks, explore the jungle, investigate ancient ruins, and much more. Over a period of six months, you'll research, capture, record, and represent the destination for is a new joint venture between well-established travel technology experts in the United States and Mexico.Our goal is to make the number one destination site in the world for Cancun discovery, planning, and travel booking. We want to reflect the wonder and warmth of Cancun itself. Over time, it will become a comprehensive and experiential resource for travelers, full of rich, authentic content including videos, images, and articles. The stories that we tell will both inspire and inform millions of travelers as the content is published on the site and across multiple social platforms.

Your job duties will be too Create, edit, and promote content in video, photo, and written formats suited for an American audience.·Post social media content on a regular basis and interact with a growing audience.·Be an ambassador, point-of-contact, and subject matter expert (or be willing to become a subject matter expert through "field research") for the US team.·Participate in local media, marketing, and industry events.·Give honest appraisals of activities, attractions, and services in Cancun and the surrounding areas to apply go to



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