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Meek Mill will continue to give out Turkeys for Thanksgiving even though he's locked behind bars

Even though he's locked behind bars, Meek Mill won't let down the families that depend on his "A DreamChaser's Thanksgiving" for families in Philly. The Event will be held at - 11 AM ET at Unity in the Community - Noon at Bible Way Baptist Church - 1:30 PM ET at Martin Luther King Rec Center- 2:45 PM ET at Strawberry Mansion Learning Center. Please do your part by inviting friends and families and by sharing this message. Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison in November for parole violations, an imprisonment that sparked outcry from the hip-hop world and his hometown.

Meek Mill was born Robert Rihmeek Williams[2] on May 6, 1987 in South Philadelphia, the son of Kathy Williams. He has an older sister, Nasheema Williams. Kathy grew up in poverty and her mother died when she was young. Meek's father was killed when Meek was five years old, apparently during an attempted robbery. His uncle, Robert, described Meek Mill's father as a "black sheep of the family". After her husband's death, Kathy moved with Meek and his sister to North Philadelphia, where they lived in a three-bedroom apartment on Berks Street. Their financial condition was poor and she started cutting hair, doing other jobs some of which were "semi-legal", and shoplifting, to support the family. At home, Meek Mill was shy and rarely spoke. As a kid, he became acquainted with another of his dad’s brothers, Grandmaster Nell, who was a pioneering disc jockey (DJ) in the late-1980s Philadelphia hip-hop scene and influenced Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Meek's interest in hip-hop grew. He was also influenced by the independent hip-hop artists Chic Raw and Vodka, whom he used to emulate by watching their DVDs.



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