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Circle K Employee gets fired after she beats up a guy who was trying to rob the store, was she wrong

A north Carolina Store clerk was fired after her Employer , Circle K, said she violated their rules and procedures. Juwan Harris, employee of Circle K, lost her job over the incident, but she said she stands by her decision.The clerk, Juwan Harris, said a man entered the Circle K convenience store in Raleigh where she works, told her that he had a gun and robbed the store. That's when Harris jumped into action and chased the Robber with a baseball bat. "I feared for my life. He held customers hostage and was pushing and harassing my customers. I wanted to make sure he didn't come back said Harris.

Harris hit the alleged robber and held him until police arrived."I took the baseball bat and hit him in the back of the head. He fell, got back up, and and when he got back up, I kept hitting him in the head with the bat," Harris said.Winston was taken to a local hospital in stable condition and released into police custody. Police said he took off with cigarettes and money and faces charges of common law robbery reports ABC News. What do you think people, was she wrong or right for trying to stop the Robber? Should she have gotten fired??



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