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86 year old Grandma in Philadelphia is charged with robbing a bank, should she be left off with a wa

According to witnesses, Grandma Emily Coakley had visited the bank the day earlier and was under the impression she had been shorted $400 from her withdrawal which was the total amount she demanded from the teller. Authorities say the woman had a .38-caliber revolver and pulled it out on the teller after she left on her walker.Her family later arrived and tried to defuse the situation but It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, and they arrested the senior citizen.Emily Coakley is reported to be a retired Corrections officer in the city of Philadelphia

Actual Picture of Emily Coakley

FBI agents examined the 38 Revolver but doubt it was loaded. Many witnesses claim she did not look like she was in her right mind and some witnesses felt sympathy for the woman. The 86 year old woman has been charged with Aggravated assault, weapons charges and robbery. One witness had no sympathy and said, "Many people could have been hurt, their are kids here, what would have happened if a bullet was shot!" One news reporter said, "In my 40 plus years of reporting I have never seen a case like this." What do you think, should she be let off with a warning?



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