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12 year old boy becomes one of the youngest Tattoo artists in History,look at his designs here.

Dormon, who goes by “Ezrah the Shark” is a Panamanian child who has already performed 20 inkings on willing customers and is learning the tricks of the trade from professional tattooist Ali Garcia at his studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. Speaking in a video posted by NowThis, Dormon says, ““Whenever someone comes to get a tattoo they always have to know that I’m still learning, that I’m just an apprentice.” He went on to add that while they are always a little bit nervous but they’re always excited as well.His career may be flourishing already, but Dormon is keen to stress that he is still in the early stages of his development as an artist.

The Panama-based pre-teen tattoo artist was first inspired to pick up the ink gun when he watched his mother get a tattoo at Honolulu tattoo shop. Noticing Ezrah’s keen interest, the owner of the shop, Ali Garcia, let the youngster fill in a part of the tattoo (with his mom’s permission of course!) and the kid’s been hooked ever since. Dormon has even had the honor of Tattooing his own math teacher with the design of his choice. So far, he has learnt to draw roses, panthers, swallows and sharks and regularly practises his designs on grapefruits.The budding artist explained that he intends to continue developing his skills and hopes to become a professional tattooist in the future.

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