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Reverend Al Sharpton Claims he can help Meek Mill get Free just like he did 2 Pac, here's how.

Rev. Al Sharpton Confirms Dialogue With Tupac Shakur, Says He "Negotiated With Warden To Get Him Out Of Solitary Confinement" Issuing an exclusive statement to HipHopDX through his National Action Network today, Sharpton detailed visiting Tupac in jail.“I visited him twice while he was in jail and negotiated with the warden to get him out of solitary confinement,” Sharpton said.Tupac served time in the Clinton Correctional Facility beginning in February of 1995. The rapper served just short of a full year in the New York state prison for his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case before being released on appeal.

Al Sharpton now claims he wants to help Meek Mill. He says , I did it for 2 Pac I can do it for him also." TMZ reports with an exclusive interview with Al where he says, he is hellbent on getting Meek Mill another shot at freedom, and says there's proof he can do it because he also came through for Tupac ... when he was doing hard time. Al tells TMZ his Monday visit with Meek -- and Meek's attorney Joe Tacopina -- will be just the beginning of his work on the case. Al's hoping to get Judge Genece Brinkley replaced, and pressure Pennsylvania authorities on what he thinks is too stiff a punishment for Meek. Al says he helped negotiate with the warden at NY's Clinton Correctional Facility in the 90s .... to get Tupac released from solitary confinement. He believes that experience will be key to helping Meek in PA.



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