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Woman gets more than 50 plastic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie

An Iranian teenager who claims she had 50 plastic surgeries to make herself look more like her idol is turning heads online.Sahar Tabar, 19, from Tehran, Iran, says she underwent dozens of cosmetic procedures in order to look more like Angelina Jolie, admitting she "would do anything" to emulate the famed actress's beautyAccording to Belgian outlet Sud Info, Tabar underwent all 50 of her procedures over the span of just a few months.The Iranian teen's dramatic look has garnered her a staggering 412,000 followers on Instagram although not all of them are fans of her new face and are back lashing at the young adult saying she is abusing her body.

Some people are calling her bluff, saying she has used prosthetics to achieve the extreme look. A number of people have pointed out that Sahar’s lips appear to be a different size in different photos, suggesting prosthetics.

Others claim the photos she’s uploaded to Instagram have been photoshopped.On Sahar’s most recent Instagram photo, one follower commented, “It’s obviously photoshopped lmao.It’s unclear if achieving fame is one of Sahar’s intentions, but with her photos being circulated aggressively on the internet, she has become an instant viral sensation.News of her surgeries has not been officially confirmed with speculation her look is a result of make-up or Photoshopping. But fans following her online say she looks ‘drastically different’ to previous posts.



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