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Rapper Kodak Black court ordered to pay his son's mom $4200 per month, do you think that's t reports that the Florida rapper Kodak Black has agreed in court to pay out out more than $4,000 a month to his babies mom. The child support will go towards his toddler son, King Khalid, who is his first born. Kodak Black and his son's mother Jammiah Broomfield, have been feuding over payments and custody of their son for months now.The judge ruled that Kodak ,who is 20 years old pay $4,200 a month to his babies mom until 2033. which the total amount would be around $750,000 over the next 15 years plus handle any insurance costs for the baby including medical, dental, eye vision and more. kodak’s lawyer Raven Ramona claimed that he didn't know of the baby until he was after one years old and that the lady was using the young man like an ATM card. On top of this case Kodak is currently facing first degree criminal sexual conduct charges in South Carolina. Do you think the mom is getting too much $$??

Kodak has had numerous legal issues including In February 2017, Octave was arrested again for violation of his probation. He was held without bond and his musical tour was postponed.In April 2017, Octave was indicted by a grand jury in South Carolina, and must stand trial there on a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Also in April 2017, Octave appeared in court in Florida, where his anger management counselor Ramona Sanchez spoke about Octave disrupting her class. Sanchez said he was constantly burping during her class, and when asked to leave, he refused. When Sanchez threatened to call 911, Octave grabbed her phone and her wrist. The counselor recommended that Octave participate in individual therapy instead of group therapy.On May 4, 2017, Octave was sentenced for violating his house arrest to 364 days in the Broward County Jail, with the possibility of an early release if he completes a life skills course. He was released on June 5, 2017. He will remain on house arrest for one year, and five years of probation. Upon fighting for his son all the legal issues on top make it harder for the young rap artist's personal life.

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