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$100,000,000 NBA Star Evicts his mother out of his house, Brother & Mom respond back about his b

NBA Player Chris Bosh’s mother ,Freida Bosh, gave an interview on the radio in response to her son kicking her out of his house after she got into trouble with the law.Chris Bosh's mother has been named a person of interest in a drug trafficking case after his DeSoto, Texas.After Police watched the house for months they spotted over 7 Hand to hand drug transactions and watched numerous people leave the house at all hours. Authorities suspected that people were selling drugs out of the house but not who. The mother was arrested by police and after Bosh kicked his mother out of his house. We now in response she releases info about her son.

She says that Chris is very ungrateful to her and what she has done on k104Dallas.Freida Bosh also said that she and Chris haven’t spoken in six years, and that she’s seen her grandkids.Freida also claims that Chris evicted her out of the house and that she had to do whatever it took to get money to survive. mother Freida was named as a drug trafficking suspect in Dallas, Texas.Chris Bosh, who owns the home but wasn't present, has not been named a person of interest. The investigation is still ongoing.

Bosh’s mom says she rented out the home because, “Chris is evicting me from my home, as we speak. Because he’s evicting me, the last three months I’ve taken tenants. Next thing I know, I heard glass shattering, police…”

When asked if she was involved in any way, Freida responded, “I was in a landlord tenant relationship.” Bosh’s brother Joel stepped in to reiterate she was not charged with a crime.WFAA in Dallas reported on the raid Friday, noting the investigation began when police found cocaine and marijuana during a traffic stop of a car leaving the house. Further surveillance of the house revealed "a large amount of vehicle traffic that was coming and going," and sources said "they also saw several 'hand to hand' drug type transactions occurring outside the residence."



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