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Police in Phoenix force a man to eat marijuana or go to jail.

The man that three former Phoenix police officers forced to eat marijuana is getting a $100,000 settlement check from the city.It's far from the initial $3.5 million Edgar Castro had requested from the city and from each officer for Castro's emotional distress and the alleged violation of his civil rights, but a win nonetheless.In Sep. 2016, Phoenix police officers pulled over then-19-year-old Castro for speeding. The officers found marijuana in Castro's vehicle and demanded he eat the marijuana to avoid being taken to jail, he later told the police department. Castro said he ate about a gram of marijuana, was issued traffic tickets and then released. He reported being sick as a result.

"The officers who violated me did it because they felt like they could. They felt like their uniforms made it okay for them to be racist bullies and to treat me like a second-class citizen," he said. The three officers Richard G. Pina, Jason E. McFadden and Michael J. Carnicle resigned almost immediately. Additionally, Lt. Jeff Farrior, who had been notified about the allegations but failed to launch an investigation, was demoted to the position of sergeant.Castro filed a lawsuit against the city and the involved officers in October, but Phoenix agreed to settle the suit for $100,000 this week.In a statement, Castro said despite the settlement, justice won't be complete until police policy changes



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