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Donald Trump Toilet Paper now on sale, buy yours today!!

Enjoy a private meeting with President Trump. Each tissue sheet has Trump pictured on it. Just in time for the Holidays promises to deliver the weirdest Holiday gifts for any season. Now in stock you can buy the one and only Toilet paper with Donald Trump on it. After all many people are wanting to Dump Trump so you might as well do it literally. There is plenty in stock and they are going for $5.99 each.. To purchase yours today you can go to this link

Just think of the humor of someone walking into your bathroom and seeing the one and only giving them the finger, perhaps another one of Donald's famous faces. All in all this will be the talk of the night for any family occasion. Make the bathroom complete with Donald Trump Towels and bathroom set which you can also find and purchase online on other sites as well. Take a deuce in style and feel politically correct or incorrect, to each their own.

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