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Elderly mentally ill woman has $340,000 taken from her by a Church.

One of Ohio's largest Megachurch's is accused of scamming an elderly lady to dish over hundreds of thousands of dollars. The elderly woman has dimentia and is mentally ill, which makes it hard for her to make the right decisions and an easy target to take advantage of.The Church is now being sued for persuading Bridget Pollard, a 76 year old Illinois resident, into sending the Church a $340,000 check. The Church persuaded her by telling Bridget that she will be blessed and that she would be get to spend eternity in paradise if she sent them money.

Bridget , who is now living in a nursing home, was diagnosed with dimentia & Bipolar disorder which makes it very hard for her to make the wrong or right decisions , especially fincially. family says. The Cook County Public Guardian, who is handling the lawsuit, has been assigned to get back the money for the elderly woman.Bridget Pollard, 76, has lived by herself since her husband died in 2015. The childless woman lived in hoarding conditions and blocked relatives' efforts to help her, Pollard's niece Bridget Johnson says. Her niece says that Pollard emptied out her late husband's state pension, and it wasn't long before she wrote a $340,000 check, payable to Grace Cathedral. The megachurch in Akron, Ohio, televises the ministry of Rev. Ernest Angley.“The literature talks about how you’ll go to heaven if you give this money.”It is believed to be a scam and it's unsure how many people have actually lost money to this, public warning, be safe!



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