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Rick Ross says Birdman is broke & he could lose his $12,000,000 mansion!

Rick Ross has taken to social media again creating a live video that showcases an article about Birdman and disses the Record Label owner. The article claims that Birdman tried to take out a $12,000,000 loan and wanted to put up his mansion for it but was denied. This happened after the previous Loan company who lent him money for his mansion, in 2015, is now demanding their property back as payment for the previous loan he took out. Rick Ross says, "Damn you took out money on a mansion, to take out another loan on a mansion , and you can't even pay your people!" Rick Ross claims that Birdman hasn't had any money in 6 years and and that he should have came and borrowed some from him.

In earlier months Birdman took to social media calling out everyone saying that they don't know the situation, and that he put LiL Wayne in the position he is in today. The numba one stunna also claimed that he is going to make sure Wayne is taken care of and F##k everyone talking down on him. Rick Ross replied that the Birdman is broke and in a bad situation, that he has owed LiL Wayne his money for 6 years now and that he needs to pay up. Ross also claims that everyone knows he isn't right and Birdman keeps playing jokes. What do you think, does Birdman need to pay up?? It is estimated this year in 2017 that he made $20,000,000. Do you think someone who is making $20,000,000 broke??

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