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California Police arrest two parents trying to sell their kids for drugs.

Two parents in California have been arrested after suspicion of them trying to sell their two kids for drus or cash. Authorities in Los Angeles County say 38-year-old Vincente Calogero and 32-year-old Sarah Nilson attempted to exchange their two sons in a recent investigation. The Parents are facing child neglect, felony child endangerment, and being under the influence of a controlled substance charges. The boys are in custody of the Department of Children and Family Services personnel. Officials didn’t say how old the kids are. The kids are reported to be safe now with no injuries, it's unsure what will happen next.

Many neighbors were shocked at what was going on and received notifications that a child was in danger in their neighborhood. One lady said, I'm shocked this is what's going on out here!" and then said, "It's sad , very sad because you don't expect it to get that bad to where people use their children as a pawn to get drugs or money" says the mother of 4. Investigators have not said how they uncovered their plan or how they stopped them . Many are offering prayers and hope they get the help they need before they are effected any further by this devestation. To watch the full video of the coverage go to CBS2 news Los Angeles.



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