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People in Mexico hang banners that say if you steal they will lynch you.

People in Mexico and business owners of the country have had enough! After the lack of authority in Oaxaca city and other parts of Mexico the citizens are starting to take judgement into their own hands. Local news media have reported 56 cases of attempted and completed lynchings, resulting in the deaths of 11 alleged criminals.In a recent recorded video An angry mob gathered and stripped an alleged criminal before beating him and tying him to a utility pole where he was left in plain site as a message to all people who steal. The Thief stole auto parts and word spread quickly around several blocks where the thief was captured. Now on many streets business owners and neighbors have began to hang signs that warn everyone trying to steal that you could be the next be lynched.

The city and municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez, or simply Oaxaca, is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of the same name. It is located in the Centro Districtin the Central Valleys region of the state, on the foothills of the Sierra Madre at the base of the Cerro del Fortín extending to the banks of the Atoyac River. This city relies heavily on tourism and business which is why many want to put a stop to the crime that is going on. Many people traveling their is based on its large number of colonial-era structures as well as the native Zapotec and Mixtec cultures and archeological sites to see. It is also the home of the month-long cultural festival called the "Guelaguetza", which features Oaxacan dance from the seven regions, music and a beauty pageant for indigenous women.

The crime rate in Mexico at the end of 2017 is to be one of the bloodiest years in History making it one of the most dangerous places to travel. Authorities in Mexico are ran by Cartels so local citizens have had to find others ways to make the crime stop. With a lack of a working justice system and control, many people who live in these towns live by their own rules and regulations.If one particular neighborhood wants to put a stop to people stealing, they work together as a community to stop the crime instead of calling the police. Nearby store owners have reported several thefts over the last month. They claim that police patrols in the area are all but nonexistent, and that authorities have done nothing in response to the situation.



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