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Lab Employee in Massachusetts is caught using drugs she was suppose to test, Over 8,000 Drug Convict

A former lab employee is now facing charges after she was caught using the same drugs she was to be testing. Prosecutors are sayting that over 8,000 drug convictions could be thrown out in the Massachusetts legal system due to the drug scandal. After Sonja Farak was found tampering with the evidence public defenders and Massachusett's state attorney general and the ACLU are pushing for the dismissals which include many felony and misdemeanor drug convictions. The Young Lab employee, after investigation, admitted to using some of the drugs she was handed as evidence and tested the rest to try and pass it off. If the convictions are found to be tampered with this will be the second time in 2 years that thousands of convictions have been thrown out in the state.

Police started to suspect the young woman of using the drugs after they found unmarked pills and more at her station. They then searched her car where they found more drugs that she was hiding. Sonja said she used the lab to manufacture cocaine into crack. Farak is to serve 18 months in jail and go through rehabilitation for treatement. She will never be able to work within the police force or a lab again as her license is revoked. In 2013 another lab tester in Boston was also convicted of running an 8 year scheme to take and use drugs as well. After her conviction over 22,000 cases were also dropped and many felons were let free. The district attorney says the magnitude of this will be grand and will take more time to undo the cases than it did to convict the cases. The lab that Sonja used is now closed down and will not re open.

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