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Now introducing the boyfriend & girlfriend pillow,never sleep lonely again!

Tired of being alone at night and not having anyone to cuddle with? Do you want to cuddle up with someone but don't want to deal with the drama, well Amazon has the solution. Introducing the Girlfriend and Boyfriend pillows. OFTEN IMMITATED NEVER DUPLICATED – This is it; The Original Boyfriend Pillow, a world renowned and much talked about body pillow that has been featured on Amazon, YouTube, Web Soup and CNN’s Anderson Cooper! It has even ‘co-starred’ in the hit television series Glee!! Ignore the imitators and lay your hands on the original and unbeatable Girlfriend & Boyfriend Pillow!!! says the Amazon listing.

This superior quality body pillow is strong and durable as its name would imply; and unlike a fake boyfriend pillow or other novelty gift, this sturdy and well-crafted pillow won’t fall apart. Far from being a basic gag gift pillow, this is actually a true and genuine comfortable pillow; a top-quality bedroom accent that will help you get a better night’s sleep DRIFT TO SLEEP IN HIS or HER ARMS – Or “Arm” in this case! This is the ultimate cuddle pillow, the Boyfriend Body Pillow is akin to a virtual hug pillow; a thick, ultra-soft fluffy friend culled from pure cotton that even comes complete with an extended arm and a virtual real man. Lose yourself in a warm, wonderful embrace of a pillow; one never too weary to cuddle and comfort you!

This pillow is far more than just cute and comfy, but can actually be beneficial to your health too! Everyone needs a hug! And this cotton fiber, down-free pillow won’t trigger or aggravate allergies

THE PERFECT COMPANION – Don’t you or someone you know want to feel loved? The Secret to Beating the Loneliness: Spray a mist of your missing loved ones favorite scent and relax, close your eyes and let the memories carry you to a peaceful sleep says the listing. After all everyone needs to feel secure at night don't you agree. You can purchase yours today on Amazon at click here-->> (Boyfriend Pillow)



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