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People are saying Bow Wow is lying about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, what you think??

Bow Wow , who is known for lying about his financial purchases and lifestyle, is now saying he dated Kim Kardashian but didn't want people to know. He said he mainly kept quiet because he never dated outside of his race and didn't know how people and the media would react. Bow Wow was recently busted by followers on social media after he was caught stealing photos from Google and what he claimed to be him flying on that same private jet for a promo run. People the next day spotted the Rapper on a commercial flight the same day he uploaded the private jet photo to Instagram.

Since he was busted lying many people claim most of what he posts is fake. On October 2, 2012, Bow Wow claimed he was broke and only making $4,000 dollars a month and only had $1,500 in his checking account. However, the next day he signed on to be one of the four new co-hosts of BET's 106 & Park.Later on he would address this by saying, "One thing about me, I'm a smart guy. Very smart. Things that I do, are for reasons. Things that I don't do are for reasons. So for myself, I'm comfortable, very comfortable. For me, it's all about the work. But as far as rumors, those are people's opinions -- until you see me on a corner with a cardboard box saying I'll tap dance for food or canned goods, then you can say that [I'm broke]."

What do you think , is he lying? Is he doing this for attention??



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