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Man in a Texas Hotel is caught with an AR-15 28 floors above the New Years Eve Celebration.

With many major events going on for the New Years Eve cops are on high alert for hotels around the festivities. A man staying in a Houston Hotel twenty eight floors above the New Years Eve Celebration, was found drunk with an arsenal of weapons that included an AR-15. An AR-15 can hold up to a 100 bullets with an after market magazine and is used in combat for war.The man was also found with a shotgun, lots of ammunition,a handgun and other various weapons. The man was busted after he was drinking at the bar within the hotel and started fighting with the staff. He was then escorted back to his room by police where they found ammunition and guns with the room.

The Hyatt in Houston Texas has an enormous New Year’s Eve party planned with thousands of attendees.,The event is supposed to pack up four floors with the hotel and have thousands of people on the street which could have let the the man shoot people inside and outside the Hotel.The event is also to have special Live performances by Roger Creager & the Fab 5 and a concert within the venue as well. Thanks to the Police officers of Houston Texas they have put a stop to the shooter and the event will continue as planned. Authorities said The discovery harkens back to the grisly Las Vegas shooting nearly three months ago, when gunman Stephen Paddock smuggled more than a dozen weapons into a hotel room overlooking a country music festival and fired on the crowd, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more.



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