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Man in Colorado gives his dog Medical Marijuana to prevent her from having seizures.

After taking his Dog to the vet numerous for having seizures, Robert did not get any results for his dog who was suffering,Vets said that every time the dog had a seizure she was losing memory and could some day have one so bad that it could make her suffer a stroke. Running many tests Vets could not find the reason the English Bulldog was having them so frequently and told Robert that it could take a long time to find a solution. They would have to try many different costly medications which would make the dog act differently and take time to find the right one. They were sent home and told if she starts having them more they will start medication.

Robert than decided, instead of letting the dog suffer, he would try something else that has been helping lots of kids and people having the same symptoms.He than went to a dispensary and picked up some Medical Marijuana and had it ready in case of an emergency. One day out of no where the English Bulldog started having a seizure so Robert grabbed his Glass pipe he bought, torched the marijuana he had packed in it, and blew it into the dogs face. After the dog inhaled it, instantly her seizure stopped. Something from the Marijuana caused a neurological reaction which made her stop from convulsing. "This was a miracle and saved her life" Rob said," I will continue to support this miracle Medicine until a real solution comes along!"


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