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Gucci Mane didn't invite his mother & brother to his wedding, brother responds.

Gucci Mane had one of the most extravagant weddings of 2017 which he cut a huge custom made cake with a sword and spent around 1.7 Million dollars, but something was missing. Gucci didn't invite his mom or brother to the once in a lifetime event which took place Tuesday evening at the Four Seasons in Miami. His brother took to video message published by TMZ in which he expressed his sadness for the situation.

His brother Nate said, "He didn't let me go to the wedding, I was sad about the situation, I really wanted be there for him from a brothers standpoint." Gucci Manes mom has yet to comment but the brother express's that she was hurt and that it's just another chapter in life that they have to move on from .


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