The top 5 worst Halloween costumes of all time, check them out.

October 31, 2017

Halloween is a time to dress and and be what you want to be, scare people, and most of all gross them out. Here are the top 5 worst Halloween costumes of all time.


1. Bloody Maxipad: Nothing grosser than a leftover bloody maxipad just laying around right. I guess I'll just have to put my candy to the side until I get hungry again.

 2. Cash Me outside costume; What a way to encourage kids to act up on Halloween. Cash me outside how about dat!


 3. Marlboro Pack of Cigarettes Kids costume: Encouraging more kids to smoke, we have to put this in the top 5 as one of the worst Halloween costumes of all time. 


 4. Condom Costume: No other way than to promote safe sex than to run around dressed like a big condom, way to raise awareness for those ready to make halloween night a night to remember. 


5. Poopy and Pee pants Costume: Since when did it become cool to pee and poop in your pants. We see no reason to walk around like you pooped on yourself for Halloween. For this we had to put this in the top 5. 




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