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Rapper Kevin Gates is to be released from prison, new album coming soon!

According to ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS INTERNET INMATE STATUS, Rapper Kevin is to be released January 10th 2018. Gates was charged with battery for kicking a fan in the summer of 2015 while he was performing on stage at an event in Lakeland, Florida. He used Florida's Stand Your Ground Law in defense. On October 26, 2016, he was convicted of the charge and sentenced to 180 days in jail. He is currently serving a 30-month prison sentence at the East Moline, IL correctional facility for gun charges stemming from a 2013 incident. He is tentatively set to be released on parole pending good behavior on June 22, 2018, but could be released as soon as January 10th, 2018.

Fans have been awaiting the rapper to get out of jail with #FreeKevinGates hashtags everywhere. He is expected to drop new music upon his release. Gates' first arrest occurred when he was 13 for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle. Gates was briefly jailed for the offense, and said that being jailed had a profound effect on his life: "If they would’ve just pulled up to the jail, left me in the police car, never took me inside and just took me back home, I don’t think I’d ever have done anything else again. But what it did was—by me going into jail at such a young age—all it did was criminalize me in a sense. It kinda steered me in the wrong direction after getting there and settling in; it took the fear of jail away from me."In 2003, Gates was involved in an altercation outside a movie theatre and stabbed his opponent multiple times. as facted on Wiki.

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