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Elderly man is wrongfully arrested and given a $50 Gift Card as an Apology.

Eugene Wright, Age 63, was wrongfully arrested after Police misplaced him for someone with the same name. Eugene says he stills has nightmares about the incident and felt helpless at the time.The Elderly man was take to doctors where they injected him with Haldol, an antipsychotic medication and Ativan, which is used to treat anxiety disorders says documents according to a federal civil lawsuit which was filed earlier this January 3, 2018 by his legal team.The Police we're called to an incident earlier where people were saying a man, with the same name, was having a psychotic episode and needed help and medication.That's when police arrested him at his house , taken to the hospital and forced to take the medication.

Eugene had evidence that he was at work at the time but still was told by Police and Doctors that people who have a mental breakdown sometimes seem to forget about the incident and tried to convince Wright that it was him who was out of control earlier in the day.Doctors later realized they had the wrong Eugene Wright, apologized and gave him a $50 gift card to a steakhouse. He was released out of Police custody and the hospital hours later after his arrest. Police later admitted to the family that they had the wrong man and that is was a case of mistaken identity. Both the Police and Hospital staff are aware of the lawsuit but have not replied back further about the incident. Eugene is sueing for damages and says nobody should ever have to go through this again!



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