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If you have family in California & Nevada serving time for marijuana, they can now petition to h

Just Like in Colorado, the California & Nevada Court of Appeals can now rule that people convicted of some marijuana-related crimes may appeal those convictions, as recreational marijuana was made legal in Nevada 2017 & California 2018. in 2010 in the case of Colorado woman Brandi Jessica Russell all charges were dismissed after she was found with a third of an ounce of marijuana as well as marijuana concentrate which was pending for trial right before the passing of Amendment 64. Due to Recreational & Medical Marijuana being legal such possession was justified on her behalf, The court ruled in her favor, stating that the current laws can be applied retroactively in certain cases. Only cases concerning minor drug offenses that were being appealed at the time Amendment 64 (legalizing recreational marijuana) was put in place are eligible. Marijuana-related convictions from earlier will not be wiped under this ruling.

Many felons in Colorado had their cases revisited and felony marijuana convictions were dropped down to misdemeanors,Some people were let off for time served. Now California inmates will have the same opportunity to appeal their marijuana prohibitions continue to weaken and an increasing number of states reconsider stringent drug sentencing rules, people could begin to lobby to remove more serious pot convictions from their rap sheets or even get out of prison, either through legal appeals.the Law States Those who served their time but carry prison records could also be helped. A key backer of Amendment 64 ,the 2010 state measure that legalized marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 and over ,said that it’s important to remedy the human consequences of past failed policies, even as the U.S. moves toward wiser new policies.

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