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Doctor in California says the legal dose of Marijuana is 10 grams.

The California Department of Public Health established a legal dosage of marijuana as 10 milligrams — the equivalent to one marijuana gummy or edible reports San Diego Seven news. Doctors say they are starting to see in increase in Marijuana overdoses in patients that eat edibles. They are putting out this warning for all new buyers who are looking to try Medical Marijuana Edibles. One doctor claims that many people tend to take to much their first time which causes them to get sick and go to the emergency room. A typical baggy of marijuana edibles , such as gummy bears, come with 100 gram dosage within the packet. Statistics show that emergency room visits have increased by 830% due to medical marijuana overdoses. reports An overdose on marijuana is dissimilar to overdoses on other drugs because marijuana consumption, in and of itself, is not life-threatening. But using too much of the drug can have hazardous results, which may increase the risk of death.For instance, someone who consumed a lot of marijuana may be unaware of his or her environment, which can lead to accidents or falls. Furthermore, marijuana intoxication has been linked, in some studies, with psychosis,3 a condition in which the individual is disconnected with reality, typically resulting in hallucinations, delusions, or extreme paranoia. A person who is having a psychotic episode may put him or herself in dangerous situations due to confusion or detachment.

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